June 2008

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Changes to the Classic Pattern Plane Information Site!
LAST UPATE: 12-31-2009

Recent Additions: Additions/changes to the Image-base and Classic Pattern Plane List will be chronicled here so you can quickly realize what you have been missing since the last time you visited. ;-)

Classic Pattern Image-base:
I have restructured the image-base to make it easier for me to add planes without having to periodically re-order the images alphabetically. I now have a separate page for each letter of the alphabet. Well, nearly. It is also easier and more intuitive for a visitor to find a plane they are interested in. For example, the MK Arrow is listed on the "A" page and the "M" page. I will make an effort to indicate when an image was added to the image-base so repeat visitors will have an idea of what they have and haven't seen.

Click Here for the image-base

Classic Pattern Plane List:
Here is a work-in-progress to compile a complete list of Classic Pattern Planes, their specifications, designer, kitter, etc. Please submit any information you might have with respect to any plane in this list. If you know of a plane that should be in this list, please let me know using the contact information at the bottom of this page. The primary criteria for a plane to qualify for this list is date of design. Since this list is not limited in scope as, for example, the Senior Pattern Planes association's list, establishing a cut-off date for a qualifying plane is a matter for discussion. There are planes from the mid-90's in the list.

Click here for the Classic Pattern Plane List 1-1-2010

Previous Classic Pattern List from 4-9-2009

Instructions, Articles and Plans
With the addition of the instructions, articles and plans page, I have more than doubled the amount of storage required for the site. The image-base is growing as well, albeit not as fast. There are over 1450 files in the image-base. The cost of maintaining the site is going up. Any donation would be appreciated. Thanks.

David Phillips Collection!
David Phillips sent me a CD with 34 fantastic images of pattern planes and pattern contests from the 70's. The scanned pictures have color shifted over the years. I attempted to restore the original color to see what the color schemes may have looked like. I included the scans as I received them from David and my corrections.
Thanks David!
David Phillips Collection! The first 34 images.

David sent me another 74 pictures of pattern events from days gone by. The image descriptions contain a few names that I recognize, but I'm sure those of you who were fortunate enough to attend these meets will see much more.
David Phillips Collection! 74 New Images! These images start at number 35.
Video from 1971 FIA pattern contest --VIDEO --

Video from 1983 FIA pattern contest --VIDEO --


Recent Additions :

12-27-2009: The pictures are not coming as fast as they used to. I harvested many of them from forums and people sent me a lot as well. Not much happening on either front these days. I do have a few to add from the last three months.
Aeromaster Bipe(2), Alpha, Anonymous, Aristo Cat, Atlas 1, Aurora 90, Banshee, Beachcomber (3), Blue Angel 40SR, Brushfire (3), Bullet, Bumling, Citron Mark II (2), Corsair Akroknight 45, Duellist, Flea Fli, Illusion, Kwik Fli, Mattlas 40, MK Champion, MK Thunderbird, Nutcracker,
Saturn, Saturn SE, Silhouette, Super Lucky Fly, Super Curare, Super Kaos 40, Trion, Uranus.

I updated the Classic Pattern List, adding about 50 new planes and updating the information for many others. Red text indicates new information. If you have any specifications you would like to add, send it in an email.

I know it's been a while. I've added 52 more images to the Classic pattern pages. Amansua, 2 Compensators, Corsair Acro Knight, Daddy Rabbit, Intruder, Contender, Eyeball, Falcon 56 MKII, Henchman, Jetfire 40, Cosmos 20, Curare 20, Daddy Rabbit I, 2 Curares, Dirty Birdy, 2 Kaos, Killer Kaos, Tom Kitty MK40, Taurus, Revenger, Rustler, PatternMaster, Phoenix 5, Shrike (plan photo), Spigas, Solution, Sly Bird, Bootlegger, Sportster 20, Aurora 25, Komet, Miss Liberty Bell,2 Mach 1's, Mach None 1/2a, Stratus, Styx, Super Lightning, Vagabond, Warlord, Ultimate Kaos, Tiporare, Viper, Cutlass Supreme MKII kit box, MK Silent st, King Kobra, Tweedy Bird, and an Atlanta kit box.

Several planes were added to the image-base. Candy, 4 AstroHogs, 2 Crusaders , Cutlass, Daddy Rabbit, Dalotel, Gee String, Kosmo3,



David sent me another 74 pictures of pattern events from days gone by. The image descriptions contain a few names that I recognize, but I'm sure those of you who were fortunate enough to attend these meets will see much more.
David Phillips Collection! 74 New Images! These images start at number 35.

Several more planes have been added to the Image-base: Compensator, Mach 8, Chaos, Taurus II,

3-15-2009: When browsing RCUniverse's Vintage & Antique RC section, I found a link to a photo gallery and located a fairly large number of classic and antique pattern planes, some of which I did not have on my site. There were so many images, I had to add two pages to the web site; K2, Q, and T2. The planes I added were the Aristocat, Astrohog, BarFli, 3 Bolero, Candy, Chief, Cobra, Compensator, Contender, Cutlass, Dragon Fli, Encore, 4 Eyeball, 2 Falcon56, 2 Interceptor I, 2 Interceptor V, 2 Joker, King Altair, Kwik Fli Mk I or II, 2 Kwik Fli II, 2 Kwik Fli III, 4 Orion, 2 Pegasus, 2 Phoenix I, Phoenix V, Pulsar Bipe, Pursuit, 3 Qualifier, Skylark Twin, Skylark Jr., 2 Sportmaster, Sr. Falcon, Sr. Falcon Low Wing, 2 Stinger, Styx, 3 Super Fli, Super Sicroly, Sweepette, Taurismo (low wing Tauri) 4 Taurus, 2 Tiger Tail, Torero, Tokyo Echo, 3 Viscount, Viscount Twin.

It's been a while since I've added plane pictures to the site. 29 new images added to their respective pages. 2 MK Arrows, Augusta MKII, Avanti I, Avanti II, Cobra - Livewire, 2 Dalotels, Dash 5, Dragon Fli, Eclipse, Hammer 25, 2 Kaos, Mach One, Mr. Ed, PatternMaster, Pegasus, Phoenix 6, Phoenix 7, Qwik-Fli III, Shrike, Sr. Falcon, Sterling Lancer, Sultan V, Taurus.

I received a large group of images from David Phillips and created a page just for them.

7 planes were added to the image-base. A Check Mate, Goldberg Falcon III, Capricorn, Summit, MK Champion, Skylark MKII and a Bridi UFO.

12-27-2008: Instead of honoring the pilots and designers by showcasing their planes, I thought I would add a page featuring the pilots and designers of these outstanding aircraft. I have a few images to start this page and hope that you can contribute to this page as well.

Several images of a Derringer were added to the image-base. 4 images of a Sunray biplane, a very interesting sport/pattern plane from 1975 and should be SPA legal, although it isn't in the SPA list. RFJ says so. 2 Bridi Utter Kaos, 2 Sweetater's, 2 Bridi Kaos, 1 Bridi Super Kaos, 2 Panzer D20, 1 Nemesis, 1 MK Beetle (top of page B2), and 1 Flat Top Stormer.

Another page was added to the classic pattern site that includes ads from R/C modeling magazines. This is in response to a thread on RC Universe that Freebird (RCU ID) started. RCU limits image resolution making it nearly impossible to read the ads so I requested the original scans from the contributors and started this page.

25 planes were added to the image-base. Acroknight, Atlanta, Aurora, Beachcomber x3, Bobcat, Compensator x4, Curare, Daddy Rabbit II, Deception x2, Dirty Birdy 40, Fantasy, Intruder x2, Kaos, LA-1b, Magic, Phoenix Seven 40, Tiporare, Troublemaker, Zeus.

17 existing planes were updated(specs) and 7 new planes were added to the Classic Pattern Plane list. The updates are in red and additions are in blue. One new set of Curare instructions from RMC&E and an article written by Hal deBolt were added to the Instructions-Articles-Plans page.

11-24-2008: 34 new images were added to the site. Perigree, Galaxy, Super LuckyFly II, Suprafly 60, Cutlass Supreme, Atlas, Troublemaker, Super Kaos (x3),
Challenger, Curare, MK Champion, Bridi Escape, Eyeball, Patriot (caught in telephone wires), Kougar, Dirty Birdy, Intrepid, Skylark 54 Twin, Sultan, Super Kaos Jr., Taurus (x9), New Era 20, New Era III, New Era.

A page was added containing plans and articles.

28 images were added to pages, A, C, D, E, HIJ, K, PQR and UVWXYZ. The list of planes are: Avanti, Atlas, Checkmate, Curare 40, Dalotel, EU1A (x4), Hammer 40, Super Kaos (x2), Kaos 40 (x2), Kaos (x2), Kaos Jr, Kwik-Fli MK3, Kwik-Fli (x2), Phoenix 8 (x2) and a Vector 2.

19 pictures were added to the image-base. Pages A, B2, C, D, K, L, M, HIJ, R, S, and T have new images. 3 Atlantas, a Tipo, Derringer, Kaos, Rimfire, Lancer, Cutlass Supreme, SBA, Intruder, MiniStar, Bell P-63, Curare, Deception, Candy, Calypso, and a Cavalier were added to their respective page.

Bob27s (RCU ID) sent 7 pictures: 4 Tipo's, a Citation, an Illusion with Dave Brown and a Super Arrow.

Several new planes were added to the image-base.
A Deja Vu and Double Trouble were added to Page D
An Envoy, and two EU-1A's added to Page E.
A Gangster was added to Page G.
A Jemini was added to Page H,I,J.
A twin Kaos was added to Page K.
A Stormex and Swinger added to Page S2.

Added 5 pictures were added to the site; Electra, Lightning, Saturn 2, Saturn 5, Saturn 6. Images were submitted by Jeff LeBouthillier.

Added 2 T2A-MKIV's and 1 T2A-MKII to Page T, and a Patricia to Page P.

7-20-2008: Added 2 planes, the Cascade and Chevron to the bottom of Page C.


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